Sweet Potato For Skin Whitening: Some Brilliant Ideas to Whiten At Home

Sweet Potato For Skin Whitening, There is a lot that comes into light when we talk about potatoes. They are rich in nutrients, cheap to grow relatively and edible tubers that are available worldwide. They can help ward off many diseases because of the nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and phytochemicals. They are also known to be low in carbs.

Fast facts about sweet potatoes You need to know:

  •  The fiber present in sweet potatoes helps in preventing constipation.
  •  If sweet potato is baked with skin, it contains just 103 calories.
  • They are often confused with yams.
  • They protect against cancer and maintain healthy blood pressure.

So, now you are aware of some facts about sweet potatoes and how they can play a prominent role in defending several health issues.

Sweet Potato For Skin Whitening

Now coming to another and a fantastic fun fact about sweet potatoes is that they help in skin whitening. Oh yes, you’ve read it right SKIN WHITENING they are also helpful in losing weight and anti-aging. It miraculously works against the fat stored in your body. Thus sweet potatoes are known to be the tasty yet healthy vegetable that is not going to make you feel disappointed in any way.

The nutrients that are present in sweet potatoes play a significant role in nurturing of your skin are Amino acids, vitamin A, B6, C fibrous matter, starch, protein as well as antioxidants in sweet potatoes gives a solution for glowing, healthy skin, close pores, smoothen wrinkles and increases skin resilience.

Now whitening your skin is not a problem at all. With a blink of an eye, you can have the glowing skin that everyone would wish they had. Here are some mind-boggling DIY’s ( do it yourself) you can easily do at home.

Sweet Potato for Skin Whitening

Sweet Potatoes with Honey and Lime Juice


– A half-boiled sweet potato
– A spoon of honey
– half a spoon of lime juice

So, what you are going to do is to take a sweet potato, wash it, boil it and then take a bowl and grind the potato. Add one tablespoon of honey into and a half tablespoon of lime juice, you can add one full tablespoon of lime juice for better results and then mix it up well for a thick texture.

Apply the mask On your face for like 15-20 minutes, wash it and then rinse it off with a paper cloth. After that, use a block of ice and massage it to your face because It increases the blood circulation, and also it closes the open pores of your face.

Sweet Potato Juice to Apply All Over the Body


– a big potato
– 100 ml of water
– A juicer, stainer

Sweet Potato For Skin Whitening, Peel out the potato, chop it into small cubes and then take a juicer to add 100ml of water then add the cubes. You can use the stainer to stain out the residuals and pour the juice into a clean bowl.

USAGE: Take a shower, apply body care cream, or whatever moisturizer you use. And after that apply the juice all over your body and rub it, leave it for 1-3 minutes. And now take another warm shower. You are required to repeat this procedure twice or thrice a week it will help you getting you a fairer skin.

Sweet Potatoes with Oat Powder and Sugar-Free Milk

-oat powder
-sugar-free milk

All you were going to do is take the sweet potato and boil it then peel out the skin, after peeling the skin grind the potato add the oatmeal powder which has rich antioxidants which help undo the damage done to your skin and furthermore protects the skin from sunburn. Add some sugar-free milk and mix it well to form a batter.

USAGE: wash your face with some cleanser and then apply this mixture to your skin. Massage it on your skin for 2 to 3 minutes, so the nutrients get absorbed in your skin and relax your body for 15 minutes. Applying it twice a week will give you a glowing complexion.

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