What are The Natural Remedies to Avoid Dandruff in Winter?

Avoid Dandruff in Winter, Dandruff is a skin health issue that is characterized by the flaking of the scalp’s skin. You must have seen white small grain-like substances floating in your hairs that we refer to as dandruff, these grains are in actual the flaked pieces of scalp’s dead skin. It is a severe health issue that needs to be cured for healthy, nourished, and shiny hairs.

This is often occurs in winters, so in this article, we will let you know about how to avoid dandruff in winter.

Avoid Dandruff in Winter

Why Dandruff Occurs Often in Winter?

Winter is the season of death, and so your skin cells also tend to die during winter. Not only the skin of your face, hands, or legs gets dry during winter but the skin of your head becomes dry as well. The skin of the scalp under the hair becomes dry and its cells begin to die resulting in the flaking of scalp skin. So, the white flakes that fall off your hair onto your shoulders are none other than the dead skin cells. These flakes are what we call dandruff.

avoid dandruff in winter season

How can I prevent dandruff in winter?

To prevent dandruff in winter you need to take care of your scalp. For this purpose, you have to provide it with nourishing and moisturizing substances.
Basically, to prevent dandruff, all you are required to do is to moisturize the dry skin. And so, you have to use such oils, products, or natural extracts that have moisturizing properties.

There are many shampoos and conditioners that ought to prevent dandruff, especially in winter by moisturizing the dry scalp skin.

You can use coconut or olive oil to moisturize your scalp skin naturally. Just warm it a bit, and then apply it on your hairs, especially on the scalp skin so that the dry, dead skin cells get moisturized and banish dandruff.

Moreover, you can add potent amounts of vitamin B and Zinc into your diet as these can nourish and moisturize the dry skin, naturally.

Is lemon good for dandruff?

Yes, Lemon is good for dandruff. It is one of the best remedies to prevent dandruff.

  • Mix Lemon in Yogurt to Nourish Hairs, and Moisturize Scalp (Removes Dandruff and Strengthen the Hair)
  • Mix Lemon with Honey as it hydrates the scalp and banishes dandruff
  • Tea Power and Lemon blend can be the best remedy to nourish the dry scalp skin
  • The blend of lemon and egg works as a conditioner to moisturizes the skin and also revitalizes the dead skin cells

How can I remove dandruff permanently?

First of all, release the stress that is overruling your mind, and thus, damaging your brain. Keep your scalp moisturized and hydrated so that your scalp’s skin cells won’t get dry or die.

Use anti-dandruff conditioners, moisturizers, and oils such as coconut oil.

To remove dandruff permanently:

  • Apply Aleo Vera
  • Apply Yogurt
  • Use Coconut Oil
  • Add Apple Vinegar Cider into Your Hair Oil or Shampoos
  • Wash Your Scalp with Warm Water
  • Massage your scalp with lemon drops

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