Quick and Effective Natural Remedies for High Fever

Natural Remedies for High Fever proves to be more beneficial, and harmless as compared to the supplements and other medications.

However, firstly, let us tell you when your body tends to have a fever, and what this phenomenon means.

What is Fever?

Fever refers to an immune response that your body develops while fighting with invaders, bacteria or viruses that tends to attack your body and cause infections.

In short, the body’s temperature increases when bacteria or viruses attack as a result of the immune response to fight against the germs and prevent the body from disease.

Therefore, getting a fever is quite normal. Although, high fever is not normal. If you find yourself wrenched in high fever which lasts from more than 2-3 days,  you need to keep a check on it and see your doctor.

What are the Natural Remedies For High Fever?

There’s plenty of natural remedies for high fever that are quick and effective enough to treat it. Let us tell you about these natural remedies for high fever.

Cold Water Patting

Get a bowl of cold water and soak a sheet in it. Then, pat your body with the soaked sheet, thoroughly. In adults, continuos patting forehead with the soaked sheet in cold water can better help in lowering the body temperature and treating high fever. However, patting forehead, underarms, and back of infants lowers the body temperature effectively.

Moreover, you can also try soaked-socks treatment. Wearing socks soaked in cold water can also help in lowering your body temperature.

Intake of Beverages 

In high fever, it is mandatory to stay hydrated as during such conditions your body tends to lose an excessive amount of water through sweating.

Therefore, keep taking beverages including plain water, glucose water, fresh juices, tea, or coffee to stay hydrated. Moreover, the intake of electrolyte beverages also provides the body with essential nutrients for proper functioning.

You can have a glass of Grapes Juice with Fennel, and Cummin added in it about 1/2 teaspoon in amount. This can help in lowering your body temperature as grapes rank among cooling fruits.

Having a glass of water with Apple Cider Vinegar (2 teaspoons), and Honey (1 teaspoon) mixed in it can effectively cure a high fever.

Among the fresh fruits juices, Orange juice can help in treating high fever effectively. Having a glass of juice once a day during high fever can help in removing fever causing toxins from the body through urination.

Intake of Soup made up of Vegetables and Meat can be effective in treating high fever, and providing the body with the essential nutrients to overcome the weakness.

Well, the intake of these foods is quite easy as compared to the consumption of heavy, and hard food. Hence, keep feeding yourself with nutritious and fever fighting beverages, and soup-like foods which are the best natural remedies for high fever.

Take Rest

Avoid exerting pressure or doing any laborious task as your muscles need to stay relaxed during high fever. Therefore, take as much as rest you can.

In case, your body’s temperature persistently stays high even after trying these natural remedies for high fever, then as soon as possible, see your doctor.

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