Mental Health Tips: Solution for Every Problem that a Student Faces in Life (Existential Crisis)

Being a student, life is really tough, you know! It isn’t the study that makes your life rough and tough rather it’s the mess we tend to create while getting ourselves adjusted in educational settings alongside new beings including mates and teachers, respectively. 

Let me throw light on the ways by which you can cope up with such chaos of your life that you have to suffer throughout your academic years.

So, as I stated above, being a student isn’t that easy. Firstly, let’s figure out why is it so, why it is not easy being a student, why we students have to suffer while studying. No matter if we are in school, college or at university, we come across many hurdles and obstacles that worsen our mental and physical health.

It’s pretty sure that if you are a student, you must be coping up with your mental health as when it comes to studying, we burden up ourselves. Or if it isn’t about the pressure of study or an urge of getting high grades that are worsening your mental health then it must be some other problems that are causing you to stress and certainly, that might be some sort of other complexes.

Before moving ahead and discussing what kind of complexes can lead you to suffer and getting your mental health worst alongside the solutions to overcome these, firstly, I would like to highlight the high-grades issue that certainly one of the severe and main reasons behind students’ worsening mental health.

High-Grades are Not Necessary to Prove Your Capabilities!

Certainly, being a student we consider getting High-Grades our first and foremost priority and we think it’s the only way to prove our selves that we own great potential to achieve higher status in life. Sadistically, we all get it wrong. High-grades can not assess or evaluate your abilities, certainly.

You have to overcome the fixation that our parents or society has got fixed in our mind that solely high-grades, high marks, and high positions in the class while competing with the rest of your fellows can prove how capable, intelligent and smart you are.

Yes, you have to get over this wrong mindset and move on to some real thing. But if high-grades, marks or position isn’t what we should look forward to proving our selves then what is that would be the expression of our real talents.

Let me state it clearly once more, High-grades are not necessary to prove your capabilities as your abilities are not marked by any means of rot learning and then passing exams with an urge to get high marks while costing your health the pressure that if you won’t try harder and get high-grades then you will be considered a failure.

Therefore, you do not need to burden up your mind with the thought that only high-grades, marks or positions can justify your talent. The thing which matters is the inner satisfaction you feel while studying a course, or passing it over even with average marks rather than high.

mental health tips for students life

How the Urge to Get High-Grades Worsen Mental Health?

Don’t Run After High-Grades!

Trust me, you should not run after marks of grades as the real talent lies in that inner satisfaction and peace you feel while getting yourself acknowledged. Just focus and keep your concentration on what you are learning rather than worrying about getting high marks in exams or assessments that by no means a justified criterion of evaluating one’s capabilities. Bitter but true, it is!

So, stop worrying about marks and just feel content with the fact that whatever you are learning is suffice to feed your mind with the righteous knowledge no matter if you won’t show yourself a brilliant student among the rest by getting the highest grades.

I am repeating, it isn’t the grades that decide how much capable you are, it is the matter of fact that lies in your inner peace of mind that’s marked by the KNOWLEDGE you GET and UNDERSTAND. 

Certainly, understanding is all that a student needs to be a good and the best student and further best in his/her practical or professional life. Therefore, stop running behind high-grades and focus on understanding knowledge.

To avoid mental issues and stress while studying, feed your mind with an understanding of the things you learn instead of worries concerned with an urge of getting high grades.

How to Cope Up with the Complexes that We Feel Being a Student?

Here comes the second main reason behind the worsening mental health of students after worries of getting high grades.

No matter, if you are a high-school, college, or university student, you must own some complexes that lead you to suffer throughout your academic and personal life.

But what are those complexes that hinder your growth and worsen your mental health?

I repeat once again, it isn’t easy to be a student because certain things keep our minds burden up some of which are the inferiority complexes that we tend to own just because we find ourselves lesser than others.

It’s pretty obvious that we humans do compare ourselves with others no matter if we are a student or a professional. But during your student life, you tend to compete with others and such competitions lead you to suffer an existential crisis that ranks on the top of complexes that one person, especially students come across.

What is meant by the existential crisis?

Or how Existential Crisis worsens a student’s mental health and what can we do to overcome this to sooth it away?

Existential Crisis can be marked as a state of mind when one makes his existence “questionable”. In simple words, when a person feels his life has no meaning, no purpose, and they have zero worth in other’s life, it means that the person is facing an existential crisis. Such an existential crisis can be remarked as the anxiety or depression one feels while coping up with the chaos of his/her life.

(Indeed, anxiety and depression are the two major symptoms of disturbed mental health)

Simply, being a student,  we come across many people. Some of which are our mates, fellows, teachers or other staff members. Moreover, there are some other people that are part of our lives such as our parents, siblings, relatives,  our neighbors, street friends or any other whom we come in contact within our life. All of these people have some effect on our lives, milder or stronger.

Yes, all those people that are a part of our life from our friends, fellows, teachers to our family do affect our lives in either a positive or negative way. It all depends on our mentors who have to guide us to shape our minds while coping up with the negativities that people shed in our lives. The negative effect or influence of such beings can lead one to go through an existential crisis.

What kind of negativities one can sprinkle in our life, and what these have to do with the existential crisis leading to worsening our health?

Here we go! The way we expect others to treat us, the way we expect life to deal with us, the way we expect our beloveds to give us everything we want, and the way we expect ourselves to go ahead in our life decides what sort of complexities or victories we earn.

Yes, it’s all a matter of expectation. Such expectations that in return hurt us badly leading us to suffer existential crisis as it leaves a negative impact on our minds and life, respectively.

When we fail to get what we want, we end up hurting ourselves. We hurt ourselves with what I am calling here as complex whether it’s inferiority complex or existential crisis, we become cold-hearted. Or with a fragile and weak heart, we carry an embodiment of fears disguised as our own self.

Whatever you call it or shape it to hide from others, it’s just the complex that you fix in your mind that you are a failure and can never show your best as you have failed multiple times. Never fix it in your mind while overthinking. Never let any other being to fix it in your mind that you are a failure. Such disastrous fixation only pushes you to the verge of self-destruction.

Always remember, while being a student, you are a human being. So, it’s pretty obvious that your own feelings sparked by expectations. Unfulfilled expectations lead you to lose control over your mind. And that’s how you end up losing balance in life whether it’s about the study or your personal life, you fail to move on and show your best.

Polish Your Mind, Body and Personality to Improve and Balance Your Mental Health!

To cope up with such complexes, you have to learn the fact that its life, if you stop and keep mourning over your failures and losses, you will surely lose. No matter what happens, life moves on, and being a student, your first and foremost duty is to focus on polishing and enhancing your mind, body, and personality. Certainly, for this purpose, you have to stop crying over every bit of your loss and get it to fix in your mind that you have to keep moving leaving every negativity behind. It isn’t an end rather it’s a new beginning, and you definitely own the superpower to hold the control of your life. 


Hence, you have to seek and understand the real potential hidden exactly in your own self. Never let anyone judge your abilities. Be your own lawyer, judge, punisher, corrector, and above all, a companion.

Stop relying on others to help you out in your studies or other matters, it’s your own responsibility to take care of your self. Trust me, you all own the spark to shine bright, all you have to do is to shed the ugliest thoughts that are worsening your mental health, and keep your focus on polishing your mind, body, and personality.

So, last but not least, to polish and enhance your mind, body, and personality, you have to seek and understand knowledge. Whenever you come across some new people or anyone who tries to contemned your peace, hold on to your mind, take a deep breath, and seek a way out this, neither by aggressiveness nor by sensitivity or allowing it to scare and screw you up.

We are humans, so, we own the potential to deal with every mess we come across in our life. Whether it’s about study problems or other things that keep violating our peace of mind and life, we can get out of every problem. Just focus, pray and seek a perfect solution to get out of the hell of miseries. Never let anything spoil your peace, I repeat, NEVER!

Don’t let your self get anxious! Take a Deep Breath and Let it All Go! Be Your Own Mentor, Bestfriend, and Healer!

Study harder but not for high-grades rather for understanding life by seeking knowledge.

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