Know About Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment of Male Menopause

Do you know about Male Menopause? If not then be right here as in this section, we are gonna tell you all about the most common but less known male sexual dysfunction. Are you above the age of 40 and feeling that your sex organ isn’t capable of having strong erections anymore or there’s something affecting your sexual health such as premature ejaculations? If so then take into account the fact that all of these are signs that you might be having menopause. Anyhow, no worries as we are here to guide you and assist you in how you can get rid of the menopause problem.

What is Male Menopause?

First of all, let’s be clear that male Menopause isn’t similar to the female menopause. Male menopause can be marked as an inability of old-aged men to have strong erections, or keep erections for a prolonged that in turn, can cause them to suffer infertility or decreased sexual drive. So, Male Menopause is a sexual issue that can be characterized by either premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction/impotence, infertility, or decrease sexual drive.

Male Menopause is one of the severe sexual dysfunctions that can costs you a lot if you are above the age of 40.

Most of the men are unaware of this term and confuses the above mentioned sexual issues with normally reoccurring sexual inabilities.

Take into account the fact that if you are above the age of 40 and having premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, or hypo active sexual desire problems then it is menopause.

Male Menopause

What are the Symptoms of Male Menopause?

Following are signs and symptoms of Male Menopause:

  • Depression/Anxiety 
  • Low Confidence Levels
  • Lack of Focus 
  • Weakened Muscles and Bones
  • Bloating in the Chest Cavity
  • Obesity
  • Decreased Energy Levels
  • Erectile Dysfunction/Impotency
  • Infertility
  • Decreased Sexual Drive

What are the Causes of Male Menopause? 

You all must be aware of the fact that male sex hormones, the testosterone are what stimulate and balance all of the sexual activities of men. So, it is pretty obvious that a decrease in testosterone levels is what can badly affect male sexual health. In simple words, if testosterone levels decrease then you won’t be able to enjoy having a normal sex life. The lower the testosterone, the more the penis will ejaculate quickly, and possibly fails to achieve strong erections. Such sexual issues, in turn, can cause infertility and other health issues such as decreased sex drive, lower energy levels, depression and lack of concentration.

Precisely, the decrease in testosterone levels can cause male menopause.

How to Treat Male Menopause?

If you are above the age of 40 and suffering from premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, hypoactive sexual desire, or other health issues such as decreased energy levels, and depression then it is time to take some significant steps to get your sexual life back on track.

You need to know that solely medicines can not cure menopause and what you exactly need to make it work out is your inner confidence.

If you want to get rid of menopause naturally then follow the below-mentioned instructions:

  • Have a healthy diet
  • Exercise on a regular basis
  • Get proper sleep

Most importantly, you need to believe in yourself and build up your confidence once again. If you keep on thinking that you aren’t able to have strong erections or keep erections for a long time to enjoy healthy and wild sex then you won’t ever be able to do so. You have to retain your confidence that you can get out of this misery. For this purpose, you should talk to your partner about your mental and physical: sexual health, which can surely help you to overcome the stress and anxiety caused by your sexual inabilities.

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