Easy Ways How to Thicken Curry 2021

Are you notice this thing ever that? Why your favorite curry is thick and smooth at your preferred restaurant. But when you make it myself, her texture is not wide. And you are thinking about when it’s thin how to thicken curry.

No worry about this; we’ll provide you with peaceful ways to thick your sauce. They’ll help you solve this problem because curry sauces are not famous for their taste. Even professionals make these different ways. In this article, we’ll give you some easy ways to thick your curry and easily. So low- spicy food is enhanced for your health. They reduce the danger of colon cancer, are excellent for heart health, and increase the immune system.

Ways to Make Curry Thicker

In this session, we will guide you in easy ways on how to thicken curry sauces. And also provide you with essential tips to solve this problem. After this, you’re able to make a perfect, thick sauce.

Add Cornflour

To thicken your sauce, this is a fundamental step. Add one or two tbsp of cornflour in water and put the mixture into the dish. Mix as well until thick. To make sure that add this mixture when the dish is near to cook. Because early thick your sauce. However, it provides the perfect and thick look of the dish that you expect.

Put Tomato Puree or Paste

Tomato puree or paste is the best way to thicken the curry. Because of this, your sauce is thick, and they give him a pungent taste. They also increase the gravy of the dish. However, tomato puree is too thicker instead of the paste.

You can add the tomato puree or pate into the sauce during cooking. It is the best way to add tomato during cooking, not to after them—is the best way to add this at the start of cooking is to mix well with the ingredient. And your curry is thicker.

Put Yoghurt

Yogurt has a great creamy flavor and is also best for this method. You can choose the unflavored yogurt, which is good. Gradually add this into the curry with the help of a spoon. And mix it as well. If you want more so add some more county of yogurt in sauce. Keep on it for cooking until the thickening of your expectations.

Put Chopped Onion

In the curry, onion is the chief ingredient of gravy. When you add this, they’ll make your sauce too delicious and give a strong flavor. So you can easily add the chopped onion to your sauce And mix in the dish with the help of a hand. You can also comprise the blend onion to a thicker.


  • Usually, during food cooking, the curry does not thick. You can keep it on the low flame and leave it for boiling. Keep your eye on it.
  • Boil the curry until their too much thickening. If you’re making the vegetable sauce, first you thicken the sauce; after adding the vegetable with this, they will not overcook.
  • When your sauce is too thick after then add some water to set this. Because it reduces to low time to, but in with 10 or 20 minutes they have to thicken.

How to Thicken Thai Curry with Flour

To make the Thai curry, you took a small pane and added 2 tbsp of oil and flour. They are moving it gradually into a low flame till they changed her color. When they’re looking in light brown, add the sauce and mix well until the attached. It is a white way to thicken the sauce or gravy. Mix the sauce until it thickens.

Does Coconut Milk Thicken Curry?

Yes, it has two types of coconut milk to thicken the curry. Be first; his sauce can thicken. And second, give the coconut fragrance in curry with its taste however if you want to spicy for your will. So you add some spoon of coconut milk. And they are giving him with slow flavor and thick texture.

How to Thicken a Curry in the Slow Cooker

While you are cooking in a slow cooker, .some ingredients release liquid, and your sauce is watery. So here I’llI’ll provide you best to make thick curry in the slow cooker. You should take the equal part of cornstarch and water to this method 11 spoons of butter and one cup of liquor use in your instructions. And lay it in the slow cooker and wait to thicken still.

How to Thicken Japanese Curry

Now we talk about how to thicken Japanese curry. Her method is like the above process. So making the Japanese curry thicker, you add the cornstarch and potato starch in cold water. Dissolve it once a time after then add it sauce utensil. The thickness creates an unusual structure because its texture makes it smooth and brown roux.

FAQs: How to Thicken Curry

When I make the curry at home, so my sauce is too thin and watery. I make this for rice wet through. However, when I place it on the dish, it flows. Meat cooked, but the sauce is light. Before this, I remove the meat and live it for cook until it thickens.

How Do You Thicken Curry with Plain Flour?

It is a basic way to make the thick sauce with plain flour. Just add the equal county of cold water and plain flour in a cup. When it is tender, then added the sauce. To cook the flour taste, leave it with simmer for 5 minutes.

Can I Use Double Cream to Thicken Curry?

So, if you make the creamy sauce and add coconut milk or milk and yogurt, sour cream to thicken the sauce, it’s enough with this cream and milk feature, but be careful to curry sauce to a low boil.


Everybody likes to thicken the sauce, but now the major problem is making it home; they are watery, which is disappointing and creates a question of how to thicken the curry. So, with this problem, we’ll give you peaceful ways to thicken this sauce. Follow the above instruction, and you can make the thick curry sauce at home ideally. Therefore, we provide a simple way to fulfill this problem. I expect this article helps you to achieve your expatiation.

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