Best Ways How to Reheat Fried Rice and keep it tasty

Fried rice is a delicious dish, and everyone likes to eat this. If you made it at home or order from the restaurant. So you get a considerable ratio. And can’t finish this, some material has left. So you will hold it in the freezer.

Thus enjoy it in breakfast or lunch. But next morning, you will want to enjoy the leftover fried rice. So, you get it out of the refrigerator and hold it for a minute to set the standard. But here you think about how to reheat fried rice?

And how to reheat without lost her taste. However, this article will provide you the best way to reheat it with keeping it tasty. After following these ways, you can enjoy the leftover rice like a fresh meal.

What is Fried Rice?

It is a cooked rice dish, which makes with the other ingredient mixture. Such as egg, chicken, seafood, beef, and vegetables are mixed. Sometimes it eats often itself, and sometimes it eats with another dish. Fried rice is a too delicious and easy dish. I can make it at home, and also orders from the restaurant. And they have various varieties of fried rice. Like as,

  • Chinese Fried rice
  • Egg Fried rice
  • Chicken Fried rice
  • Vegetable Fried rice
  • BBQ Fried rice

Essentials during Reheating Your Meal

To reheat the food, you’ve needed the leftover meal. Before this process, you have to check this. After that, your feed can eat. Such as if you leave your fried rice at room temperature.

So can start reheated. But also check if your food may smelly, so throw it. Although if you store fried rice in the refrigerator so after take out, leave it for few minutes to make rice low, cool and soft. Because when you’re a store in the fridge, fried rice becomes lost her moisture and becomes hard, chewy, and dry. To add moisturizer, you can splash water on it.

However, make your dish tasty, so you add more other ingredients. For example, you should add beef or vegetables. Furthermore, you can also add butter to get more delicious.

However, the Microwave is the best suggestion for reheated fried rice. If you don’t have one to exchange with pane, Stovetop, Oven. To grease the Stovetop or pane, remember olive oil.

Ways How to reheated fried rice

For reheating rice, the most important thing is your safety, so you must be careful to reheated rice. Although rice is plant-based food .but it sensitive to bacteria. Which they replace the food poisoning extreme. So here we’ll tell the few ways to reheated fried rice. That way, you can take pleasure in your food exclusive of any issues.

  • Using Microwave
  • Using Stovetop
  • Using Oven
  • Using Air fryer

Tips before reheated 

  • Please don’t leave your fried at room temperature when you realize that you could not eat one attempt to put it in the fridge.
  • To put it fridge in the airtight pot. And don’t release and seal the pot.
  • Just one time reheated your fried rice .because reheated again is makes their poisoning.
  • To ensure that hot rice kills bacteria that may have survived.

Using Microwave to reheated fried rice

If you have a short time and want to gulp food, the Microwave is the best way to reheated food. They’ll provide you a hot meal in just a few minutes. However, the Microwave is a general way. And people use theirs to reheat the leftover meal. But it has a trend to dehydrated out rice, specially fried rice.

So you’ve to need to create the moisture in your fried rice and put some liquid. It’s easy to add some water. Therefore you want to increase taste, that you’ll be adding chicken and vegetable broth instead.

The trick for reheated fried rice in the Microwave

  • To put it in a microwave, you have to need a bowl. After then add fried rice and 1 or 2 spoons of liquid and set them in the Microwave safely.
  • To keep moisture, cover the bowl with a loose cap. You’ll to allow to for some air escape.
  • Cooked rice at high temperature in 2 minutes, heat mixed rice well, and again put in Microwave in three or four minutes.
  • At least cooked till 5 minutes. After this, allow your fried rice to cool. And enjoy your meal.

Using Stovetop to reheated fried rice

To reheat fried rice is the best method is in a pot on your Stovetop. These ways will provide texture and taste. However, it demands some effort on your part.

Previously fried rice the fried, but again frying it comes back to her liking and texture.

Ways to reheated fried rice on the Stovetop

  • First, notice how much oil have your fried rice. So depend on it, add some liquid or broth and heat it.
  • Once heat oil and add fried rice to a pan. And mixed with a lot of heat and oil, cooked it for at least ten minutes in medium heat.
  • If you see oil in your meal. So add some liquid or broth and fry or steam for well delicious.

Apply this method to steam your rice

  • Add liquid to the pan, and heat up.
  • Add fried rice and mix well.
  • Lid it and cook for two or three minutes
  • To make sure it’s good to stir and not sticky with the pan. If the moist with pan and add some more water or broth.
  • Follow this process till it cooks for at least ten minutes.
  • After ten minutes, your rice is ready to eat.

Using Oven to reheated fried rice

Using Oven to reheated fried rice


It is easy to reheat rice in Oven, but it is a very time-consuming option. However, overall it’s the best way to reheat rice.

Ways to reheated fried rice in the Oven

  • Firstly, heat your Oven at 425 c or 450 c.
  • Fried rice placed safe Oven with a casserole dish and adds some tablespoon water or broth.
  • Make sure that every particle of rice is total moisture and much liquid. But don’t change it, soup. And how much you want this depends on you.
  • Lid your casserole dish because moisture stays under with your rice
  • Cooked well till 15 minutes on 425-450
  • After 15 minutes left the lid and stay three or four minutes and allow some steam to escape.
  • After this, your rice ready to eat.

Using Air Fryer to reheated fried rice 

The air fryer is an easy way to reheated fried rice. It consumes more time, according to the Microwave. However, it is an easy way to reheated food. The top obsession is that you don’t require to add any liquid. It rescues natural moisture.

Using Air Fryer to reheated fried rice 

Ways to reheated fried rice on the Air Fryer

  • Add fried rice to the Air fryer
  • cooked it high heat in 10 – 15 minutes
  • Cooked it as a high boil. and if you want to more cook in so cooked it 3-4 minutes
  • After this, let for cool and enjoy

How to reheat fried rice Reddit

When you’re not, add the dry mess, and then the Microwave is entirely permissible for reheating the meal. Add the water splash and to stop the water moisture and lid with dish cap. And heated it 50 % power not to re-cook it.

Can you reheat fried rice twice?

Generally, when the rice is bake, you serve it as soon. If they are not possible, let cool it for at least one hour. However, if you reheat it, check if they are steaming hot. Don’t reheat it more than one.

Best way to reheat frozen fried rice

To reheat the frozen fried rice add the 1 tbsp olive oil to a medium pot and heat it. Add the rice mixture and cook, and sometimes stir when they are heated. Cooked it for almost 5 to 7 minutes. And serve quickly.

FAQ: How to Reheat Fried Rice

How do you reheat fried rice in the Oven?

Add the fried rice to the baking oven dish and splash the water. To cut the big piece of rice, use the fork. However, after then cover with a tight lid or aluminum foil. Bake it 20 minutes at 300F, or the when until rice is heated.

Can you use frozen rice for fried rice?

When you make the fried rice and some rice has leftover. So you have to freeze if they froze, so you can add the frozen rice to the pan and thaw it quickly.

How do you thaw frozen fried rice?

Get the frozen rice out of the freezer. Put the frozen rice in a pot to protect the heat, and splash some water. Then chuck out the water from the pot. Lid with a plastic plate and cover in the Microwave for two minutes at 600 W.


Here we’ll provide the best ways to reheated fried rice. And followed this method, you can reheat your rice in the proper ways. We also mentioned the safety tips for reheating fried rice that is reheating safely. Furthermore, we’ll tell the pros and cons of all methods. So after this, you’re able to select which ways are suitable for you. To reheated fried rice.

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