5 Quick Exercises to Get Rid of Love Handles (Waistline Fats Above the Hips)

Love Handles refer to the accumulation of excessive fats above the hips area or at the waistline on the back just above the hips. No doubt, the Get Rid of Love Handles can badly affect your appearance and de-shape your figure.

Well, to Get rid of love handles isn’t an easy task rather it requires a healthy diet plan, specific exercises, and workout regularly.

However, if we talk about the reason behind the love handles it can be due to a poor diet enriched with fat-fetching foods. Hence, it means your body isn’t burning fats and calories as much it intakes.

Let us keenly tell you about the Exercise to Get Rid of Love Handles, the excessive fats on your waistline.

How to Get Rid of Love Handles and Have a Fat-Free Waistline?

You need to have a proper diet excluding fat-fetching foods with some specific exercises to get rid of love handles. To get rid of love handles, your body needs to burn the fats to hinder their accumulation in the abdominal area above the hips.

There are some specific exercises, the Abs workout which targets the fat accumulated beneath your waistline and banishes away such excessive fat, and de-shaped appearance.

Side Planks

There’re several ways to do side planks. Well, here all we’re concerned is with the simple form of side planks as follows:

  • Lay relying upon the side of your body, straightly with one elbow maintaining distance between you and the floor (keeping your body free in the air)
  • Put your other arm on your side butts
  • Let your body move be up and down in that straight position (while taking the support of your elbow)
  • Try holding on the position for 30-60 seconds while moving up and down straightly

Russian Twists

  • Sit on the floor with your foot extended outward
  • Bent your knees and let them freely float in the sir
  • Balance your body with your arms also extended in front you
  • Move your arms left and right as you are twisting your body
  • Keep your legs in outward position while twisting your arms left and right balancing your butt

Bicycle Crunches

  • Lay down straightly
  • Put your hands on the back of your head
  • Bend down your knees while extended in an outward position
  • Slowly twists your body while your  left arm moves towards your right leg, and vice-versa
  • Keep twisting your body left to right, slowly (with knees bent)

Mountain Climber

  • Lay in a plank position (down your body)
  • Put your hand flat on the floor with your body standing above the floor
  • Curl your toes and exert a slight pressure on the floor
  • Move your right knee towards your right elbow
  • Then move your left know towards your left elbow
  • Keep moving fastly your knees like this with while maintaining your body in a straight and balanced position


  • Lay down straightly on the floor
  • Bent down your knees
  • Raise your butt and back slowly
  • Let your arms with opened palms, rest beside your body, left and right, respectively
  • Move your butt and back up and down with knees bent down, and arms resting on the sides
  • Keep moving on repetition, at least for 10 minutes

However, these exercises aren’t solely enough to help you get rid of love handles or side butts, you also need to intake less amount of calories, and fats in your diet or add fat burning nutrients in your diet.


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